Killzone 3 details in "next few months"

PSM3 mag tips imminent reveal for FPS

PS3 owners should expect to see the first details on Killzone 3 in the "next few months", according to the latest issue of PSM3.

The mag's latest rumour column simply says to "expect more on Guerilla's FPS sequel over the next few months." E3 perhaps?

The statement backs up a previous report by Official PlayStation Magazine, which said last year that Killzone 3 is "reportedly deep in development" and to expect it on shelves in 2010.

Of course the big PS3 shooter three-quel we were all expecting this year is Resistance 3, which has already been outed by a Hollywood movie set. Add in Halo and CoD7 and it's going to be a busy year for the FPS.

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