Capcom uploads wrong Resi 5 DLC

Costume confusion means you won't download what's being advertised.

Capcom has apologised to Resident Evil 5 fans for a mix-up over the Costume Pack DLC uploaded yesterday.

The DLC, Costume Pack 1, was supposed to contain the 'Heavy Metal' and 'Business' costumes. Unfortunately, it contains the 'Warrior' and 'Fairy Tale' costumes instead, which were intended for Costume Pack 2. Whoops.

Capcom says that it is "currently working with Microsoft for a solution." Given players have already been happily downloading the DLC and uploading Mercenaries Reunion scores with incorrect costumes tagged in the leaderboards, we're not entirely sure how the mess can be untangled. Or even if the players want the mess to be untangled, given that Fairy Tale Sheva does look pretty awesome.

Still, you have been warned. Don't download Costume Pack 1 expecting... Costume Pack 2. Makes you wonder what will actually be in Costume Pack 2. Maybe some Street Fighter outfits by mistake?