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Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition

More gold-plated than 24 carat...

Considering you can buy Resident Evil 5 Platinum Edition for under £15 you'd expect Capcom to have something special up their sleeve for the Gold Edition. Unfortunately, if you already own Resi 5, the extra content here doesn't match the cash you'll spend. You get the whole of Resi 5 and two new episodes: (Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape), Mercenaries Reunion (with four new characters but no new maps), and the online Versus mode.

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Lost in Nightmares focuses on the events surrounding Jill Valentine's disappearance (previously seen in Chris' flashbacks), and Desperate Escape shows you how (SPOILER) Jill and Josh escape the Majini to rescue Chris and Sheva at the end of Resi 5. Each episode consists of the Resi enemies and puzzles that we've become accustomed to - and include some satisfying yet subtle nods to some classic environments from the earlier games in the series. The updated Mercenaries and Versus mode are still entertaining, moreish fun - though we would have appreciated some new levels to go with the costumes (Sheva's fairytale number deserves an honourable mention).


Newcomers to Resi 5 will get a great value package from the Gold Edition, but veterans are better off downloading their desired pieces of DLC from the PSN Store for a fraction of the price.

The verdict

Still great fun but platinum shines brighter than gold.

PlayStation 3
Survival Horror