Yakuza 3 review - 6/10 in EDGE

Mag rates European version of Sega's game

Edge has awarded Sega's European version of Yakuza 3 6/10.

The mag reports: 'The opening act of Yakuza 3 is a shockingly sedate affair, shunning the uber-violence of the series' lore in favour of some bold, if laborious, attempts at actual character development.'

It gives props to Yakuza 3's story and 'simple, responsive controls shaken with visual flourishes' and 'item collecting capable of eliciting otaku fever.'

However, it calls the overall game 'a functional, pared-down JRPG and a feisty but flawed translation of the side-scrolling beat 'em up into the third dimension'.

The Official PlayStation Magazine gave more applause to the title, awarding a stellar 9/10 in its Yakuza 3 review.

You can read the full review in issue 213 of Edge, which is with subscribers now. Buy your copy of Edge and have it delivered to your door.