Games cause depression - The Sun

Psychologist in UK newspaper warns that Modern Warfare is 'highly addictive'

A 'leading psychologist' has claimed that video games are addictive and cause depression in The Sun newspaper.

Steve Pope wrote in Saturday's newspaper that Modern Warfare was "highly addictive" and that games were "one reason we are becoming more violent" as a society.

Pope's claims come after actress-come-'sexpert' Julie Peasgood said that video games "promote racism" on ITV1's Alan Titchmarsh Show - a comment disputed by CVG on air.

Pope wrote: 'Last year a premier league football club called me in to try to find out why the players weren't playing well in away games. I found that on the coaches to the matches they were all playing computer games.'

He later adds: 'One of the games causing many problems is the warfare series Call Of Duty. It is highly addictive and people play for hours on end. They spend all day killing people, then come off it and have to go about their daily business. I believe such games are one reason we are getting more violent.'

In one final swipe, he comments: 'I've got several patients who are what would be clinically termed addicted to... computer games. These things set the brain up for a pattern of gross fluctuation, too many highs and lows. For a short time, they can make people feel valued and boost their self-esteem. When they realise these feelings don't last, some people - particularly youngsters - can become down, even having feelings of depression.'

Cheers to CVG forumite dark_gamer for the spot.