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When I watched these kids playing today it was remarkably fun to see how their minds work in building strategies and how they use their own sneaky strategies. I just think the complexity in the level of strategy itself makes it fun.

But I do take a little bit of credit; I do think that the fully-realised sides in the game are a lot of fun. When I talk to players who are firmly in the camp of GDI it's not just because of the units or the gameplay, a lot of it has to do with the philosophy of GDI and that story. When I talk to people who play as Nod it's not just the units and the stealth, it's also about the tenants of Nod and I think that's part of what keeps the fantasy alive.

Apart from events like today, do you ever get recognised?

Yeah, I get recognised. My mom still knows who I am. She comes in and says, 'hey you're my eldest son... John, Jacob, Jerry... Joe!' My dad not so much - he's kind of half retarded. So yeah, I get recognised all the time.


And the C&C fans?...

Well what I tend to do to make sure I get recognised is... actually I've got to wrap this interview up in a couple of minutes, because there are people coming in and I'm going to go stand by the box.

From time to time I do get recognised. It's usually when I travel - I don't get recognised much in The States. Every once in a while I'll be sitting at the Poker table and one of the players will say, 'hey wait a minute, are you... ?' And I'll say, 'yeah, I get that a lot, who is that guy? A lot of people say I look like this guy from Command & Conquer, he must be really cool.' And then they tell me the whole story of the game and I'll just say, 'oh yeah, us bald guys all look alike'. My voice is different from the one in the game so they never put two and two together.

More often than not it's over here [in the UK], in Germany, in France. I'm huge in Germany - I can't walk down the street without getting mobbed. It's a freak show whenever I go there; they meet me at the airport with throngs of signs, posters and 18-year-old girls in bikinis - it's frightening. I think actually March 25 is Joe Kucan Day in Germany. It's national.

Will you carry on performing in games after this?

Yeah, I did StarCraft. Did you know I did StarCraft? No I'm joking, that'd be terrible. A horrible joke. I'm nowhere near that because I'd be sued immediately.

Will I still be performing in games? I'd love to. I'd love to do more voice work in games. I do firmly believe that the videogame experience is a brand new way of telling stories, it's immersive in a different way to film and TV.

I would love to do it. It's tough because I'm quite recognised for this one role that I did.

Do you think you'll be typecast from now on then?


What, as Brandon from Legend of Kyrandia? Yeah, Brandon from Legend of Kyrandia has continued to haunt me.

You know what? I would to be typecast because work is work and I love to work. I love feeling enthusiastic about a project, I love the adrenaline that comes from being in production. Absolutely love it. I can't imagine complaining about being typecast because all that's saying is, 'oh, why do people keep hiring me to do stuff?!'

It's absurd. Typecast the crap out of me, I don't care. Can you really imagine me playing a kindergarten teacher?

We couldn't imagine Schwarzenegger playing a teacher, but...

And he became Governor of California so I'm thinking of becoming Governor of Nevada. Actually I would like to take this opportunity to announce my candidacy for the Governorship for the state of Nevada, because our Governor Jim Gibbons is just a f*** up. So I'm here to take you on Jim, you bastard.

What have been your favourite scenes in the C&C series over the years?

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