EA Sports: Motion control FIFA 'isn't authentic'

New control schemes by Microsoft and Sony to play unsure role in World Cup title

EA Sports has said that, while its considering how to use new peripherals like Natal and PS Move, it isn't sure what role movement controls can play in FIFA.

"Whenever any of these peripherals come out we think about what they could add to the football experience," FIFA World Cup's producer, Simon Humbler, told VG247. "I think the hard thing in respect of PlayStation Move, which has comparisons to the Nintendo Wii device, is that the type of football you can provide for this isn't particularly authentic."

"As you can see from our Wii version, the game is a lot arcadeier, with the big gestures and actions. I think there is a different experience there waiting to be uncovered, perhaps, but personally I think it is hard to integrate that into our football game."

2010 FIFA World Cup is set to arrive on April 28th and 30th in the US and Europe respectively and will be available on Xbox 360, PSP, PS3 and Wii.

[ SOURCE: VG247 ]