THQ readies 'fighting game from major developer'

"When we announce it you'll go, 'oh they're going with THQ, cool'"

THQ is set to reveal a new fighting game from a 'major developer' at E3 2010, it's told CVG.

Speaking to us in New York City this weekend, core games VP, Danny Bilson said, "when we announce it you'll go, 'oh they're going with THQ, cool'.

"The fighting group is actually taking on the management of another game that we're going to announce at E3 that has a certain amount of melee combat in it but it's... we'll announce it at E3," he said, stopping short of blabbing all the details.

"It's a major developer and you'll get exactly what I'm talking about when I'm able to talk about it. It's really cool, it's another one of the things I'm doing to rebuild everything around the core division of THQ," he added.

Bilson went on to tell CVG that THQ is working with "some developers that you'll know," but stressed that "it takes me two, three years to build an awesome game."

Look for the full interview on CVG shortly, and don't forget to read our UFC Undisputed 2010 gameplay preview.