Yamauchi to remake Motor Toon Grand Prix

Polyphony man eyes post-GT5 future

Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that he is to remake Motor Toon Grand Prix after he's finished with GT5. He's serious.

For those not in the know, Motor Toon Grand Prix was a brightly-coloured kart racing game released at the Japanese launch of the PSOne.

"Gran Turismo 5 has been in production for a long time," Yamauchi told Edge, "and I feel that it will offer the ultimate car experience. After this I want to return to my first game, Motor Toon Grand Prix, with what we have learned from Gran Turismo."

Yamauchi offered cryptically: "Who could look at fender renders for over a decade, and not yearn to be the man they once were?"


He then pointed out the horsepower he drove in on, saying that "it runs nice" while stroking the opened door, and questioned whether Captain Rock (a character from Motor Toon Grand Prix) should be the hero of his new project.

"MTGP would have to work with Move," Yamauchi ends. "But forget steering - what about placing a virtual cigarette on the dashboard as you throw a wheelie down a canyon? Throwing banana skins from the window? This is the thrill I have been missing for many years. It's time we got back to driving basics: cartoon characters in karts, not Ford Kas."

Read more on the Motor Toon Grand Prix reboot in Edge 214's cover story, on sale in all newsagents on April 13.

[ SOURCE: Edge ]