Microsoft 'really excited' for THQ Natal game

"It's making awesome use of the Natal technology," says core games boss

Microsoft is "really excited" about THQ's under-wraps Natal game, claims core games boss, Danny Bilson.

Speaking to CVG recently, Bilson called his upcoming Natal project "awesome" and claimed that Microsoft wants the unannounced game at its E3 "world premiere" event in June.

"I have a game that [Microsoft are] really excited about that we haven't announced," Bilson told CVG. "It's making awesome use of the Natal technology.

"Let me put it this way: they want us to be [at the world premiere event]," he said, adding that, "I won't put it in unless it's awesome on that date. It will be awesome in the fall, but if it's not awesome for that event, I'm not putting it in there."

Elsewhere in our interview, the THQ exec argued that we won't see games properly take advantage of Natal's capabilities until later on, which is why he's sitting on his $40m Natal idea until developers get to grips with the tech.

"Obviously - and you've probably seen this in your whole life in gaming - the first stuff is always the first struggle with new technology or new code or software. Iteration is the magic of the business," he said.

"It's inevitable that the stuff will get better and better over time. But remember, I'm the hardcore games group so I have one really awesome Natal project. Our other group has a bunch in the more family and kids area - because that's what a lot of that is."

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