CVG's Site Of The Week: PS3Vault

We give kudos to the games sites that do it for us

Welcome to a new weekly feature on CVG, in which we give props to those games sites on the web we think are doing a darn fine job.

Many of them deserve a bit more recognition - while some of them get plenty of it already.

But with all being as we think it should, if we like a site, you lot should like it, right? Right?

Well, we'll see - especially as we're kicking off with a site that exclusively offers Sony-related news. (Don't worry Xbox fans, you'll get your time. Just wait and see...).

PS3Vault has been established on the web since the launch of the console.


Despite being a site run by enthusiasts, it has made a name for itself for staying on top of daily news - both in the UK and the US. It's also built a notable community - which responds well to its reviews, opinions and cheat codes sections in particular.

Moreover, it proudly refuses to become a hub for 'fanboys' - purposefully steering clear of 'flame bait'. It's a clean, accessible games info source for PS3 lovers: Check it out here. Tell 'em we said hi.

Heck, while you're at it, why not follow them on Twitter?

We caught up with site boss Craig Reynolds to ask the important questions: What makes the site different, what does it do well - and what does it have in store for the future?

What sets PS3Vault apart from other sites?
Mainly, two things: The content and the staff. Beginning with the former, we strive to post both the ordinary and the extraordinary; the mainstream and the unconventional. It could be a press release, opinion piece, a rumour, fact or in-depth game review. If it's interesting, we''ll write about it.

Personally, I'll write about almost anything; in fact, I often wish I had time to write about everything!

Moving on to the latter, PS3Vault is not run by a group of biased PS3 'fanboys', but an honest, easy-going team of enthusiastic gamers who love all things PlayStation.

'Flame-baiting' is of no interest to us. Our purpose is to write informed, entertaining, sophisticated and easy-to-read articles, not to intentionally enrage people. So many sites nowadays are all 'my console's better than your console'. We left that sort of mentality at primary school. Sega Megadrives were much better than Nintendos though...

What do you specialise in?
Racers and first-person shooters. Oh, you mean the website? Sorry!

As the name suggests, PS3Vault focuses predominantly on PS3-related news. That being said we do, when required, allude to PSP, the PSOne and PS2 of old, PC and the Xbox 360.

What ambitions do you have for the site - and where do you see it going in future?
It's funny you should ask that - as we're in the process of redesigning PS3Vault.

Unfortunately, I can't give too much away as I'd be forced to kill you, but our faithful visitors can look forward to a new image, new content, and maybe even some new writers.

When, I'm not at liberty to say, but there's definitely a lot going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned!

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