TERA will 'hack off bloody big hunk of MMO market'

Ex-Blizzard man Patrick Wyatt undaunted by Warcraft's domination

New 'action MMO' TERA will "hack off a bloody big hunk of the MMO market", reckons ex-Blizzard veteran Patrick Wyatt.

Wyatt - who helped create Warcraft, wrote Diablo's multiplayer code, scaled up and founded ArenaNet during his time at Blizzard - recently joined new publisher En Masse entertainment.

En Masse is now readying the release of TERA, developed by Korean firm Bluehole Entertainment.

"I think that TERA specifically has the potential to do more than carve a niche - I think it's going to hack off a great big bloody hunk of the market," said Wyatt.


"It's got the eye-popping graphics needed to attract attention, but it doesn't end there; the combat system is going to draw from some existing MMOs, but I also think we'll pick up console gamers because of the more visceral, intense action.

"Ultimately, if we demonstrate that we can release a high-quality game and support it well, there's plenty of space for us in the market without having to unseat anyone else."

Check out our full interview with Wyatt later this week, when he reflects on his time at Blizzard - and discusses why En Masse isn't daunted by his ex-employer.