News creator developing rival network?

Ex-Blizzard man Patrick Wyatt hints that new company may launch competitor

The former lead programmer of may be creating a rival platform to Blizzard's hugely successful network.

Patrick Wyatt joined En Masse Entertainment earlier this year - and is set to publish Korean 'action MMO' TERA.

Wyatt - who also helped create Warcraft and Starcraft and founded ArenaNet - told CVG that his new company has plans to release its own version of "components found on".

Speaking in a
new exclusive interview, Wyatt said: "For the near term, we're focused on releasing TERA, but we have been planning for Web interactivity and some of the other components associated with We'll be providing more details about our Web-services plans later in the year."

Wyatt also claimed that TERA would "hack a bloody big hunk" off the MMO market.