Batman: Arkham Asylum getting new DLC

Rocksteady hiring for staff to create downloadable update

Big Batman: Arkham Asylum fan? Feeling a bit blue that now the Game Of The Year edition's out the way, you've a long wait to the sequel?

Hold those horses. CVG has learnt that Rocksteady is recruiting for staff to build brand new DLC for the title - which was released by Square Enix-owned Eidos last year.

(At least, that's how it seems. If the following refers to the Warner Bros-published sequel, then Rocksteady are being very keen beans.)

A message received by CVG today from the studio's UK recruitment agent today read:

'Want to work on DLC for Batman: Arkham Asylum in London? Drop [us] a line.'

We'd love to, but we're grossly under-qualified.

The news tallies with an ad on Rocksteady's site posted on February 18 for a 'Lead DLC artist'. That ad reads:

'Rocksteady Studios is looking to add to its family of permanent staff. We are looking for an exceptionally talented lead artist who will be working on the downloadable content of a AAA title on the next generation platforms. This is a hands-on position, meaning the candidate will manage a small team while building environment himself.'

No other details are known, but as Rocksteady's recruiting for it, you can be pretty sure it's beefy, paid-for stuff. Good news.

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Previous released DLC for the title includes the 'Insane Night' Map Pack - which features the 'Totally Insane' FreeFlow Combat map and the 'Nocturnal Hunter' Predator map - and the Prey In The Darkness pack.

All previous DLC was included on Square Enix's Game Of The Year edition, which allowed gamers to play the title in anaglyph 3D.

A Square Enix rep told us this was "the first I've heard of it".

[ SOURCE: Rocksteady ]