PS3 gets Major League Baseball deal

Live streaming of games in the US

Sony's set to announce a deal to bring live streaming of Major League Baseball games to PS3 today, according to the New York Times.

By the end of the week, PlayStation owners will be able to sign up with MLB.TV to watch out-of-market baseball games transmitted over the Internet, it says.

PSN users will be able to gain access to the existing MLB.TV package, which includes hundreds of baseball games - excluding local team games and others that are broadcast on TV - for an annual fee.

Sony says the baseball deal signifies its repositioning of PS3 as a digital entertainment hub. "This is more than just a game console. This is a device that is redefining how content is being delivered to the living room," said PSN senior VP, Peter Dille.

Sony reckons 12 million owners of PS3 consoles in the United States will be eligible to subscribe to MLB.TV; nine million of which have already connected their consoles to the Internet.

[ SOURCE: NYTimes ]