Force Unleashed 2 progress is "phenomenal"

Follow-up "looks great and plays well," says LucasArts

Progress on LucasArts' Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 has been "phenomenal," says CEO, Darrell Rodriguez.

Speaking in the latest issue of trade mag, MCV, Rodriguez said the follow-up currently "looks great and plays well".

He said: "The progress that our internal team has made from The Force Unleashed to its DLC, then to the Sith Edition which packaged it into one disc, and now TFU2 - well, it's phenomenal. It looks great and plays well.

"We sold over 7m copies of the first game. It has a big fanbase and we're confident they will come back. And we're still in a great relationship with [LEGO developer] TT Games."

Unleashed 2 is currently quite mysterious, having only reared its head once with a Christmas teaser trailer.

We quite enjoyed the first one - apart from that bloody Star Destroyer-pulling mini-game.