Monster Hunter Tri review - 89% in NGamer

'Big, brainy and full of brawn'

Monster Hunter Tri has managed to bag itself a very pleasing 89% from NGamer in the mag's latest issue.

In its six page review, NGamer listed the game's size and visual accomplishments as its standout features:

"Moga Island's clifftop vista is an amazing sight. The orchestra even swells to make sure you get the point," the mag notes.

"From mountainous heights to baked desert soil, Monster Hunter could be subtitled Ten Places To See Before You Get Eaten."

If Monster Hunter Tri is going to be criticised for anything, it's its slow, somewhat clunky start.

"Initially, handling is horrible," NGamer points out. "A great sword chop is so slow that enemies often wander off by the time it lands. When the enemy in question is a tortoise-slow Aptonoth, this is embarrassing."

"But Monster Hunter Tri is about learning. Over time, monster behaviour becomes recognisable and attack strategies emerge."

Overall, however, Monster Hunter Tri is congratulated for being a good mix between brains and brawn.

You can read the full Monster Hunter Tri review online now.