MW2 Stimulus Pack is $15 on Steam

But you can get it slightly less expensively if you pre-order

Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus Pack raised eyebrows for the wrong reasons when its slightly pricey asking price was revealed to the world. Not it's PC gamers' turn to suck it down.

The map pack, which includes five maps; Crash, Overgrown, Complex, Compact and Storm (the first pair of which are from the original Modern Warfare), set Xbox 360 users back 1200 Microsoft Points (£10.20). Steam users, it's now confirmed, will have to fork out $14.99, which works out at about £9.75.

You can, however, get it for the slightly less wallet-denting price of $13.49 by pre-ordering the game for a 10% discount. Chop chop though - it's out on May 7.