Halo 3: ODST prices slashed

TheHut, ShopTo, Asda and more capitalise on beta key giveaway for Halo: Reach

UK retailers have taken full advantage of growing demand for Halo 3: ODST by slashing the price of the title.

Microsoft has told CVG it believes "a ton" of gamers are set to buy ODST for the first time - the only way to gain public access to the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta when it kicks off on May 3rd.

Asda is selling ODST for a very tempting £15.71 - a price matched by Amazon online.

Elsewhere, offers the title for a startingly cheap £14.93 - a 63 per cent saving on its usual price., however, is the cheapest we've found, shaving a few more pennies off cost price to £14.85.

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Meanwhile, is flogging ODST for £17.99 in anticipation of the demand, a full seven quid under the game's Estimated Retail Price.

Gamestation is offering a price of £19.99 both online and on the High Street - but CVG readers have told us they picked it up for a tenner there last week. Sister chain GAME slapping a slightly-more-expensive-but-still-tempting £24.99 pricetag on the title.

Finally, Tesco has reduced the title to £19.

We'll keep an eye on any more price cuts as we move closer to the Reach beta launch on May 3rd.