CoD: Black Ops release date confirmed

CVG on the money as Activision announces November launch

Would we lie to you? Activision has confirmed that the Call Of Duty Black Ops release date will arrive in November - as revealed by CVG earlier this year.

The official website for the game has unveiled a worldwide release date of November 9.

Our trade source told us back in January:

"It's going to be November again - just as with World At War and Modern Warfare 2. Activision believes that it can own Christmas 2010, just as it has in the last two years.

"Development is on course - and Treyarch have been told the game must be ready to hit shelves before the gifting season."

We don't just make this stuff up, you know. (Although, as many of you pointed out, a pre-Christmas release is hardly a shock).

The confirmation of the Black Ops name seems to suggest that previous speculation about the title is true.

According to the original story that revealed the Black Ops name, the Treyarch-developed game will be set throughout the Cold War, and will feature key battles from across the period.

It will reportedly heavily feature segments from the Vietnam conflict - and culminate in the famous 1980 storming of the Iranian Embassy in London by the SAS.