Gears of War 3 to have lower framerate?

60fps sacrificed for 'better visuals'

Gears of War 3 is set to sacrifice framerate for 'better visuals', Cliff Bleszinski supposedly told the Russian magazine doing the rounds this morning.

According to rough translations by the chaps on the official Epic Games forums, the Gears of War designer told the mag he's opted for prettier graphics and dynamic environments for the third game rather than a 60fps framerate.

Multi-layered shadows, wind and particle effects were the reported reason given for the lower frame rate. Cliff supposedly said: "Instead of chasing after 60 fps we decided to make it look better, we think that's a good choice. Also the levels change in real time."

Apparently Mr. Gears of War also revealed that the third game will be edging for a slightly lower difficulty this time around, in attempt to counter the fact that 60% of Gears 2 players didn't finish the game.

Controversial stuff. We'll drop Epic a line to get this confirmed.