FlatOut headed to Wii

But original developer nowhere to be seen...

The excellent destructive racing series, FlatOut is headed to Wii - but original developer BugBear is nowhere to be seen.

Team6, creator of less-than-acclaimed Wii racer, Glacier, is at the helm, and says it's honored to be working on such a famed series.

"It's an honour to work on a well-known franchise like FlatOut. I can't believe how many people already know FlatOut, and played all previous versions of FlatOut," said Team6 CEO, Ronnie Nelis.

"This makes the expectations of the quality in terms of concept, gameplay and graphics for this game incredibly high for us. Team6 will do it's very best to make this the FlatOut with most violence and fun so far!" - Ronnie Nelis, CEO Team6 game studios."

The Wii Flatout's set to include at least four game modes; Arena, Stuntman, Thrash and standard racing, and will be released in Q4 this year.

Watch some footage of Team6's last Wii racing game below, and try to be excited. Try.