ModNation Racers review roundup

Kart racing contender gets near perfect scores

Mario has probably started shuffling in his seat with reviews coming in for ModNation Racers incredibly high.

It's nines across the board so far with our own ModNation Racers review giving a little more with a 9.1. In our verdict we concluded that ModNation brings its own unique personality to the track, matches Mario and throws in some ace features as part of the deal.

Elsewhere 9Lives gave the brand new racer 90% saying that it's an "awesome" continuation of the Play. Create. Share philosophy introduced by Little Big Planet.

IGN followed suit, also awarding 90% again citing the game's personality as the key to its success.

Eurogamer looked upon ModNation Racers less favourably, giving it a stingy 7 out of 10, but TheSixthAxis got things back on track with another nine out of ten.

Off that back of scores like that, you'd be mad not to go for a ModNation Racers pre-order to get your hands on a Nate Drake, Kratos, Ratchet and Clank or Sackboy racer.

The game is set for release on May 21.