Modern Warfare DLC breaks PSN?

Wallet funding and DLC problems arise as Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus pack arrives

Wallet funding and content download problems have hit the PlayStation Network alongside the launch of Modern Warfare 2's Stimulus pack on PS3.

Some PS3 owners are finding it impossible to top up their accounts with funds using credit/debit cards, while others lucky enough to have credit on their accounts are unable to download the Modern Warfare 2 map pack.

"Some customers are experiencing problems downloading or installing the Call of Duty add-on and have experienced error code 80029564. As customers have the option to download all 7 versions of the add-on they should identify which disc they have (disc ID can be found on the spine of the game's case) and only download the appropriate version for their disc," Sony offered on the PS Blog.

Sony said that customers should attempt to make purchases and download content outside of peak hours (morning/early afternoon Western Europen time) while it continues to search for a fix to the problems.

"We hope to resolve these issues soon and we apologise for the inconvenience," the company added.

[ SOURCE: PS Blog ]