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Doctor Who will 'bring gaming to mainstream'

BBC says it wants to develop new narrative forms in gaming

The BBC is hoping to raise the awareness of the mainstream public about the importance of the gaming industry.

In an interview on Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, a free to download set of videogame episodes as an extension of the popular TV series, BBC Wales' Ian Tweedale talked about how the Doctor could go some way to remedying the problem:

"We think it's very important that the mainstream audiences are made aware of just how important the gaming industry is and I don't think they are fully aware of it. It's bigger than both TV and movies," said Tweedale.

"I think what we're trying to do in part is to ensure that people who have never put a toe in the water of gaming might have a go, because it's tied very much in with a key brand like Doctor Who."

"We do believe that the games industry is really important and we want to work with games companies like Sumo," he continued.
"It's also about the development of narrative forms, it is about developing a new drama format that's more interactive than we've been previously able to do.

"It just happens to be in an online environment but one of the key things is that it is 17 episodes in the series. I think it's right that we do explore how the narrative drama environment can develop in a new media environment as well."

For more on the upcoming, free, downloadable episodes, read our interview with the Doctor Who: The Adventure Games team.