1p games go live online

Buy World Of Goo, Darwinia for 100th of a quid at Green Man Gaming

Titles including World Of Goo and Darwinia are being sold in full for just 1p by new e-tail outlet Green Man Gaming - as its new website goes live.

As previously reported on CVG, Green Man Gaming claims to allow gamers to 'trade in' digitally downloaded games.

The new site has over 26 publishers already signed up to the service delivering over 500 titles.

As well as 1p titles, the site's launch offers also include Broken Sword 3 and Trine for £3.99 each.


Gian Luzio, COO for Green Man Gaming says, "We are delighted to have launched with a penny game sale and are amazed by the response from customers across the globe. As the service went live we were surprised by the initial rush of customers from Japan and India."

"We launched with a small selection of titles to ensure it worked and I'm glad to report that everything has run smoothly and we will be adding more titles and fantastic sales promotions over the next few days."

[ SOURCE: Green Man Gaming ]