LittleBigPlanet 2 to get Move support

Sackboy fans to get motion control-enabled DLC down the line

LittleBigPlanet 2 will not be compatible with the PlayStation Move on release - but will support the motion controller via DLC down the line.

That's according to Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans, who told CVG:

"With Move we're going to go the whole hog. You'll be able to get a Direct Control Move Seat and be able to wire up the Move however you like. We won't come in and dictate 'this is how Move works in LittleBigPlanet'.

"That does mean we may not get Move out for the Blu-ray [release] - it may have to be DLC. In fact it will almost certainly have to be DLC but I'm hoping that on day one there will be playable Move levels."

Media Molecule has based LBP 2's creation features on a certain philosophy that will be the same for the PlayStation Move as with every other aspect of the game:

"Our matra is no cheating. Anything we do, you have to do as a creator," said Alex.

"You've seen the direct control seat, you've seen the Sixaxis, you can wire it up. You won't necessarily be able to create so we'll be slightly bending our rule but we'll make sure that in the end it won't be bent, that Move will be in there, it just might take a little longer."

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