Leaked Nintendo test board could be 3DS

Dual-screen test board submitted to FCC

Nintendo may be testing its 3DS handheld with the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Images of a dual-screen test board made their way into an FCC filing (now retracted) under the title 'Nintendo CTR Target Board'.

The image has been retained by website WirelessGoodness, which adds that the board was submitted to the FCC for the approval of its Wi-Fi card.

The image exhibits an expanded DS motherboard with one 4:3 screen replaced by a wide-screen. This could signify the inclusion of Sharp's auto-stereoscopic 3D technology. If this is indeed the 3DS, then the system's bottom screen will not sport 3D.


Although the test board could have been submitted for the approval of a new Wi-Fi card in the existing DS, its 'CTR' codename suggests otherwise. Each new DS model sports its own unique codename, with the DSi being referred to as the TWL and the DSi XL as the UTL.

A new three-letter codename points towards this being our first look at the 3DS, even if this isn't its final skin.

[ SOURCE: WirelessGoodness ]