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Red Dead Redemption: Review of reviews - PS3

The open world western is universally praised

The Red Dead Redemption reviews are in and clogging up the Internet with excitement.

CVG's Red Dead Redemption review of Rockstar's western was on the 360, but with so much intrigue as to how the 360 and PS3 version compare, it's interesting to contrast some of the scores.

Our friends over at PSM3 had similar praise for Redemption noting in particular that Rockstar have created a world that feels alive thanks not only to the other cowboys but the game's varied wildlife as well.

And our other buddies over at Official PlayStation Magazine gave Red Dead Redemption full marks - 10/10 - in their review.

Over on the continent 3DJuegos felt the game fell just shy of perfect awarding it a 9.9.

SpazioGames on the other hand felt Red Dead Redemption was well deserving of a place in the top band but only just, awarding it a 9.1.

Meanwhile, NowGamer awarded the title 93% on Sony's platform.

Dual Xbox 360 and PS3 reviews seem to be the order of the day, with Edge (9/10), GameReactor (10/10), 1UP ('A') and Eurogamer (8/10) all nailing their write-ups to both formats.

Red Dead Redemption hits UK shelves this Friday (May 21). If the reviews are anything to go by you'll need to be fast.