Capcom to announce sequel 'bombshell' at E3 - report

Western developer working on major franchise, according to GameFly boss

Capcom's getting ready to announce a sequel for one of its established franchises at E3, according to the latest rumours.

The E3 shocker is said to be in development at a western studio, as opposed to its traditional Japanese base.

Yesterday Capcom president Haruhiro Tsujimota reaffirmed the company's plans to use western developers for just ports and sequels, rather than allowing them to develop new IPs. This decision was prompted by disappointing performances for Bionic Commando and Dark Void.

However, although western devs won't be able to try their hand at new IPs, Capcom believes that they can effectively outsource existing franchises to the West.

This question was raised during GameFly editorial director Garnett Lee's latest Weekend Confirmed podcast, to which he responded:

"Boy, their E3 bombshell puts that to test. I'm not going to spill it because I don't want to make anyone mad, but boy their E3 bombshell puts that to test."

This could be a sign that a western developer has taken the reigns of the Resident Evil franchise. This lines up with Jun Takeuchi's, Resident Evil 5's producer, plans to abandon the series.

The game could also be a sequel to Devil May Cry, which has been rumoured to be in development at Heavenly Sword studio Ninja Theory.

The latter may be unlikely for an E3 announcement, due to the simple fact that the Cambridge team is hard at work on their action game Enslaved. Leave your best franchise guesses in the comments section below.

[ SOURCE: Shack ]