Nintendo 3DS has widescreen, thumb nub

Internet pulls apart leaked motherboard photo...

The Nintendo 3DS is set to include a 16:9 screen and PSP-style thumb nub, if evidence stripped from yesterday's supposed motherboard picture should be believed.

According to the eagle-eyed nutters at Game Usagi, yesterday's image shows both a 16:9 and DSi-sized 4:3 screen for the 3DS, the former of which is seemingly wired up for 3D and touch.

Our resident experts have also concluded that the 3DS will include an identical button setup to current DS consoles (plus the thumb nub), DS and SD card slots and... (wait for it) a headphone jack.

What the motherboard image doesn't tell us about the 3DS (if it indeed is real) is the shape of the handheld, the distance between the two screens, the possible existence of cameras or the graphical power of the hardware.

Still... it's got a thumb nub!

[ SOURCE: Game Usagi ]