It's Winsday! Ace Attorney Investigations could be yours!

You'll have no 'objections' to this prize. Eh? EH?

Forgive us if we're blowing our own trumpet here, but TOOT TOOT! We've got a top-notch prize for you this week. Read on to find out how you could be playing Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth this weekend...

"The law is an ass," says someone in Oliver Twist (we forget quite who - it's been many years since that English literature A-level). We disagree. The law is awesome. Or at least it is in the world of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. Legal proceedings have never been better than when conducted by the finest minds (and most foppish haircuts) in the legal profession.

In Ace Attorney Investigations, enormo-quiffed Edgeworth takes centre stage, probing crime scenes, questioning witnesses and generally making sure that justice is done. This isn't as courtroom-heavy as the Phoenix Wright games, but it's nice to get out and about and get your hands dirty (metaphorically speaking) at a crime scene, no?

We've managed to prise a pristine copy of the game out of Matthew's fanboy hands and have locked it securely in our prize drawer, ready to send out to one lucky winner this Friday. If you can think of a better way to spend Saturday than catching murderers, we'd like to hear it.

So, to be in with a shot of getting your hands on the loot, just answer this law-related question:

Q: Which of the following people would you not expect to see in a courtroom?

A) Surveyor
B) Barrister
C) Solicitor

Know the answer? Just text NGMILES followed by a space then your answer (A, B or C), then another space and your full name and address to 87474. Texts cost a measly 25p plus your standard network rate. The closing date is midnight on Thursday 20 May 2010. Alternatively, you can enter by going to

Full terms and conditions can be found here.

Don't worry if you don't win this week - there'll be another competition next Wednesday.