'Massive' PS3 Red Dead shortage hits UK

Is a sunken cargo ship to blame?

Major UK retailers have today told CVG that they are running low on PS3 copies of Red Dead Redemption - blaming manufacturing problems and even a sunken cargo ship for a "massive" shortage in the market.

Numerous GAME and HMV stores around the country have informed us that they have either sold out of PS3 copies - or expect to by the end of today. However, the Xbox 360 standard and Limited editions of the game are in abundant supply at both chains.

Meanwhile, Tesco stores have no stock of the PS3 version on shelves in the UK.

GAME employees informed CVG that they've been told a "sunken cargo ship" is to blame. However, an official spokesperson for the chain told CVG that it had "no stock issues" and that the game was "flying out of the store".

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Asda, meanwhile, has no stock of either PS3 or 360 versions in store - although it has both online. Argos is asking customers to call and check for availability.

Online, Amazon has sold out of PS3 stock - and is only selling the SKU via its user-run marketplace, for a whopping £54.99.

However, The Hut, and all still have supply of the PS3 version - as do the online outlets of GAME, GameStation and HMV.

ShopTo CEO Igor Cipolletta told CVG today:

"With regard to Red Dead PS3 we confirm that there is a massive shortage in the market although fortunately this has not affected ShopTo and our customers.

"We have been working closely with [Rockstar] with regard our day one pre-orders and have managed a successful day one ship of both normal and limited versions. None of our customers' pre-orders have been cancelled - unlike some places.

"I'm not aware of any cargo ship that sunk! However, we have been informed that was a manufacturing delay and should be back to normal in the next few days."

And a senior buyer at a major UK retail chain told CVG this morning that there was a "very limited supply of PS3 in the channel".

CVG has contacted Rockstar for comment.

We're not surprised there's such demand: It's awesome. Check out CVG's Red Dead Redemption review for further evidence.

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