EA applauds THQ's Partners move

But label warns new rival: 'Success doesn't happen overnight'

EA has welcomed THQ's announcement that it is setting up a rival to EA Partners - but gently warned its new competitor that success with independent developers "doesn't happen overnight".

We reported yesterday that the THQ Partners programme offers indie developers a ready-made global publishing network.

The firm told CVG that it is going out all guns blazing to sign up "the best studios in the business"

EA Partners boss David DeMartini told CVG today that the label's new competition was "healthy for the industry".

However, EA Partners - which works with the likes of Crytek, Epic Games and Valve - warned THQ that it will have to be patient to secure the success it craves.

"We welcome the competition as broad support for independent development is very healthy for our industry," DeMartini told CVG.

"It's great to see other publishers stepping up their support for independent developers like EA Partners has been doing for the past 15 years.

"Fortunately for us, publishing and sales excellence is key to the success of these programs - and that doesn't happen overnight."

EA Partners announced on Monday that it will publish Insomnniac's first ever multi-platform title.