Pro Evo 2011: Your in-depth questions: answered

Plus first screens, and photos from our Tokyo studio visit

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How does the new defence system work?
Here's the thing: Seabass' described the new defence system one way (using the Right Stick to stand off, or step in, according to our notes), the controls diagram another (using Left Stick + x), and... neither worked in-game, since the new defence system was yet to be implemented, according to a Konami representative. So... we don't know what to say, other than there's a new three stage defence system that used analogue pushes toward, or away, from the attacker allowing you to cover space without stepping in (e.g. to block a cross), waiting for the precise moment to step in and nip the ball away. In theory, it'll offset the power of the new dribbling/trick system - creating a Street Fighter-style mini-battle between attackers and defenders depending on timing and skill.

That's it. For now. Check out the screens and photos attached for further details - and our more rounded hands-on verdict appears in the new issue of PSM3, on-sale Thursday June 3rd.



p.s. The new PSM3 podcast will be live this afternoon (check PSM3_Magazine on twitter for updates), with ten minutes of Editor Dan D raving about PES 2011, plus insight into PSP2, Killzone 3 and the rumoured premium PSN service.

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