Crackdown 2 dev: 'Pressure to deliver is on our minds'

But we think fans will be happy, says Ruffian

Crackdown 2 developer, Ruffian is feeling the pressure to deliver a worthy sequel to the acclaimed open-world crime-em-up, it's told CVG.

Ruffian producer, James Cope admitted development "hasn't gone entirely smoothly" as the studio has had to juggle both setting up a new company and putting out a decent sequel in a short space of time.


When asked if Ruffian was feeling the pressure over Crackdown 2's success, Cope replied: "Oh completely.

"That does lead into the pressure for us to deliver something that is a worthy successor and it is at the forefront of our minds a lot of the time. I think we've done the right things in order to satisfy that hunger. I think the fans will be happy with the stuff we've done."

In the same interview the Ruffian producer claimed that employees who left Crackdown 1 developer, Realtime Worlds to join Ruffian did so because "they wanted to make console games".

Cope also revealed that Crackdown 2 was originally in consideration for the Halo Reach beta, but the release timing "just wasn't right for us".