InFamous 2 'will give you a heart attack'

Sequel to introduce "bigger consequences to your choices," says dev

InFamous 2, if done to plan, will "give you a heart attack," says developer Sucker Punch.

Speaking in US mag Game Informer, the developer promises bigger consequences, crazier parkour moves and bigger bosses for the just-revealed PS3 sequel. We can't wait.

"[InFamous 1] was a superhero game that you could get into and have a good time," the developer told the mag. "The second game, if we do our jobs right, will hopefully give you a heart attack."

It added: "We're able to have a much more empathetic narrative this time. There are bigger consequences to your choices, and it's not really obvious what's good and bad.

"Morality is certainly a big part of the product. And we are committed to making it impactful and meaningful, and have it be something you feel is responsive to how you're playing the game."

Sucker Punch is also setting high standards for the series' trademark platforming, promsising an "incredible jungle gym of mobility" for InFamous 2's mock New Orleans.

"It becomes this landscape of opportunities when you can zip up a building, then find a wire that goes across empty space," it says. "You're making it up as you go, and you're stringing together these cool moves that allow you to dominate the space in a way that only Cole can do."

Hit the link for the first proper InFamous 2 gameplay details. This is going to be a big one at E3.

[ SOURCE: PSInformer ]