iPhone 4 is official

Camera with flash, four times resolution, gyroscope, 720p video recording

As everyone with an internet connection probably already knows, Apple's just officially announced the mass-leaked iPhone 4.

Update: See the iPhone 4 in all its glory here, and read the full tech specs here. Update ends.

The new device, which Apple's calling "the slimmest smart phone ever", features a camera with flash, 3.5 inch display and something the company's calling "Retina Display".

Basically, what this means is the iPhone 4 has four times the pixel density of older models, making pictures, video and games look a whole lot better.

The new iPhone also sports improved battery life, 720p video recording (!) and most surprising, a gyroscope. Apple boss, Steve Jobs says this is perfect for gaming and showed off a sort of iPhone game of Jenga, balancing a stack of wood.

All of this, of course, could have massive implications for the growth of Apple gaming - and Activision's just announced (and launched) Guitar Hero iPhone.