Slim Xbox, touch-screen PSP 2 predicted by analyst

Analyst Michael Pachter weighs in with his predictions for next week

Celebrity-status game analyst Michael Pachter has charged in with his expectations for E3 next week and the impact it'll have on the rest of the year.

With Natal, PS Move, the Nintendo 3DS and 3D gaming in general headlining the show, it's bound to be a big one this year. But it'll be mind-blowing if Pachter's speculation becomes reality next week.

MS will reveal all surrounding Natal next week, but Pachter says: "We expect the company to bundle the Natal motion controller with a redesigned (slim and black) console." He gives no indication of when, but seems pretty confident.

He also sounds sure of things when he later says: "Sony may also announce the 2011 release of the touch-screen PSP2." So he has touch screen support and a 2011 release chiseled in stone for PSP 2, then. He's certainly not the only one expecting Sony to reveal a new handheld at the show.

Elsewhere, Pachter speculates that Sony could reveal its plans to launch a premium subscriptions-based PSN service, but despite all this, thinks that Nintendo's 3DS could steal the show altogether.

A good show, he says, could perk up the games industry after tough times of late. "After a difficult year in the video game industry, next week's E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo has the potential to turn the tide of investor concerns and start a wave of positive momentum for the video game industry for the rest of 2010."

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]