FIFA 11 details blowout

'Pro passing', improved AI, customisable audio...

The first FIFA 11 details have arrived in lads mag, Zoo, which we've just run down to the shops and bought (all for work purposes, obviously).

UPDATE: The first screenshot is online.

EA says it's implemented "seismic improvements" to FIFA 11, including improved graphics, customisable audio, "massively" improved player AI and 'footballer personality'.


Addressing player complaints over FIFA 10's 'pinball passing', EA's invented "pro passing" for this year's game which allows you to control the weight of your distribution. This also means you'll want to think about the player your controlling, for example not whacking intricate through-balls with John Terry.

In fact, it sounds like EA's gone passing mad; FIFA 11 adds spin swerve passes, driven lobs, fancy flicks and through-balls with backspin.

Player AI is said to have improved "massively" though perversely, responding to criticism over 10's super-human stoppers, goalkeepers are now less intelligent.

The coolest improvement though, says Zoo, is 'player personality', which means that the world's best footy players now play just as you'd expect them to.

Each player now has a defensive and attacking work rate setting, so Wayne Rooney for example runs around at 100mph hassling defenders, while Dani Alives will charge forward but might be a little slow getting back to defend.

Players are also now able to pull off their own moves depending on personality, so Carlos Tevez is full of little flicks, while Didier Drogba will use his strength to roll defenders.

Elsewhere, FIFA's visuals are said to be massively improved with ten 'body types' in this year's game compared to FIFA 10's three, plus special cases like lofty Peter Crouch.

Players can also now record and upload their own fan chants to play during matches, which makes Bubbles playing out at the Boelyn Ground a wonderful reality.

[ SOURCE: Zoo ]