'Gaming got me World Cup-ready' - Wright-Phillips

Games help with on-pitch reactions, says England winger

"Gaming got me World Cup-ready," reckons England and Manchester City winger, Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Speaking in the latest issue of Zoo - which we ran off to the shops to buy this afternoon thanks to FIFA 11 (and not breasts, promise) - the England player claims that playing games can help footy players' performance on the pitch.


"It can help with awareness and obviously your reactions because you use them non-stop in football," he said. "And then when you've finished out on the pitch, come in and you're playing the game, it's kind of the same thing. Except using your fingers instead of your feet!" Right.

Elsewhere in the interview, Wright-Phillips - who admits he's "pretty much a gaming addict" - reckons the way he approaches the beautiful game is a bit similar to erm, how he plays Split/Second.

"The more you play [Split/Second], the more you realise it is pretty similar to the movements on the pitch," he said. Right we're with you, Shaun, please do explain... "You're non-stop moving and dodging, even if you're not passing cars, you have to dodge obstacles or distractions, slow down and swerve out of the way, or you've wrecked it."

Let's hope Wright-Phillips doesn't attempt to 'power play' any defenders in South Africa...

[ SOURCE: Zoo ]