Make your own fun in Read Dead Redemption online

We invent our own game 'modes' to get the most out of Read Dead's awesome multiplayer

We hear a lot of complaints about there being 'nothing to do' in Red Dead Redemption's online Free Roam mode. Nonsense - there's loads to do. Forget the gang hideouts; you can finish them in a couple of hours. We're talking about making your own fun. All you need is an imagination and a posse of like-minded accomplices...

Tower Brawl
Locate Torquemada on your map and ride there with your posse. Follow the hills until you reach the old fort at the peak of the mountain.

Use the ladders to climb to the top of the highest building. Here you'll find a square of concrete with two precarious edges. The view is incredible; a sweeping vista of the mesas of Diez Coronas. But we're not here for the view - we're here to PUNCH EACH OTHER

Gather your posse, equip your fists and start brawling. KOs don't count: only knocking another player off the edge. Last man remaining on the roof wins. When a character gets knocked out, the game's Euphoria character physics kick in, which can make for some hilariously tense fist fights as they sway and stagger near the dangerous edges.

Snake Rolling
You'll find a lot of rattlesnakes in the deserts of Mexico, especially around Diez Coronas. Go near them and they'll bite you, killing you instantly, which forms the basis of Snake Rolling.

Locate a group of the deadly reptiles, then get everyone stand around in a circle, priming their weapons with L1. Then, in unison, start hitting the square button to roll. Tumble back and forth across the snakes until someone screws up their timing and gets bitten. Last man standing wins. This works especially well with a full posse of eight players, and is in no way ridiculous.

Self-explanatory. Get everyone to line up in the same position, get the leader to set a waypoint and, well, race. To make things more interesting/horrific, allow the use of firearms. The sound of squealing horses will ring in your ears for days to come.

Hit the trail
This is actually a trophy. It's awarded for riding from the town of Blackwater in New Austin (Great Plains) to Escalera in Mexico (Punta Orgulla) between the hours of 6am and 6pm - sunrise to sundown.

First, make sure you're on a public Free Roam server. That is, one populated by other players. Then it's simply a case of setting a waypoint and bombing across the world map.

The biggest problem is other players. If anyone picks a fight and you get caught up in a firefight, you won't make it in time. And make sure everyone's riding horses of equal speed so you can enjoy the journey together.

Ever seen Westworld? In it, a malfunctioning robot gunslinger played by Yul Brynner relentlessly stalks a terrified tourist in a theme park designed to let you 'live' the life of a cowboy in the Old West. Wherever the tourist runs, the gunslinger is always there, stalking him.

Now, if you're minding your own business and some idiot decides to shoot you or one of your posee for no reason - which happens with depressing frequency in Free Roam - you can take the opportunity to role-play as Brynner's gunslinger.

Whenever the griefer respawns, kill him. Follow him wherever he goes. Ride ahead and ambush him. Make his life a misery until he sends you an abusive message or quits the server. That'll teach him.

Hold the fort
Find one of the game's big fortified buildings, like El Presidio, the Mexican Army's stronghold. Spread your posse around to cover all possible entrances and exits (and cannons, in El Presidio's case), then message other posses on the server, daring them to 'come get some' (or similar).

As players come flooding towards you, try your hardest to fend them off. Literally 'hold the fort' for as long as you can. Soon, the entire population of the Free Roam server will be hounding you, and a big-scale battle will erupt. If your team has unlocked the dynamite (level 15), these battles can become incredibly dangerous and chaotic.

So what have you been up to in Free Roam? Share your stories and invented game modes in the comments below. And if you haven't tried Read Dead online yet, you're missing out on hours of amusement.