Just Cause dev making new action game

But licensed Avalanche title will be 'more controlled' than JC

Just Cause developer Avalanche is busy creating a new licensed action game, the studio has revealed to CVG.

Avalanche boss Christofer Sundberg didn't give too much away in our exclusive new interview, but he revealed that the game would be more "controlled" than JC.

Judging by the studio's last release, we can't bloody wait.

"I can't talk much about our next project but it's definitively within the action genre," he told CVG. "But we have made a move towards the more controlled experience to better convey a strong storyline.

"We'll never leave our big game worlds and spectacular explosive action, though. After working on original IPs for seven years we wanted to try a licence, but there's only been a few that we've felt was 100 per cent right for the studio. This one is perfect!"

Sundberg won the hearts and minds of many a PC gamer last month, when he told CVG that 'always on' DRM was punishing legitimate consumers.