PS Home regions merge, Pub expanded

Chicken dance in the face of overseas women now in new Global Lounge

For the first time in PS Home, British lads in PS Home can harass (supposed) females from America and other international regions with their chicken dance skills in the new Global Lounge.

The Global Lounge, opening as part of the FevaArena Pitch space which launched last week, is a space for footie fans to mingle and discuss the upcoming World Cup. And stand dead still in the middle of nowhere for no apparent reason.

Owners of the London Pub personal space are in for an added treat this week too - a new mode in the Darts mini game called Killer. The PS Blog says no more, but the update is free so check that out.

And if you're in the mood for a party the Lockwood store has a bunch of new items available, including the Animated Disco Rig, Laser Light Show stand, large Flashing Disco Floor, and Multi-colour Helium Balloons, and Blue Neon Sofa - enough to build your own nightclub, basically.

[ SOURCE: EU PS Blog ]