Video game violence down to 'maladaptive personalities' - study

Review of General Psychology does videogame special issue

'Maladaptive personalities' play a bigger role in video game related violence than video games themselves, according to the Review of General Psychology. Big words ahead...

In a video game focused special, the study says, "Although many youths who have engaged in violent school rampages were video game players, most also possessed maladaptive personality traits and characteristics."

"Given that 45.7 million American homes have at least one video game console, it is clear that most children who play these games do not go on to behave in violent or murderous ways," the report continues.

"School violence attributed to violent media has involved shooters who were described by themselves and others as extremely angry, mean, depressed, psychotic, unruly, anxious, aggressive, and hateful before the shootings occurred."

It's nice to have some support every once in a while, especially when it comes from something as clever as the Review of General Psychology.

The media are always snapping at violent video games, so much so sometimes that Capcom claimed it was part of a 'smear campaign' from national newspapers back in January.

[ SOURCE: American Psychological Association ]