International Cricket 2010: Stuart Broad

The England all-rounder speaks exclusively to CVG

It's strange to think that at the age of just 23, Stuart Broad is already one of the England cricket team's established stars. The son of former England batsman Chris, Broad made his debut in an England shirt at the tender age of 19, but is already an Ashes and World Cup winner, as well a key member of the bowling attack and a hard-hitting late order batsman.

The brand new face of Codemaster's International Cricket 2010, CVG caught up with him at the home of cricket Lord's, to talk about gaming, his personal development programme, that amazing World Cup win and the prospect for the Ashes series this winter, as well as notching up a personal coaching session from this cheerful, self-effacing yet supremely talented young player.


It must be very pleasing to be chosen as the cover star for International Cricket 2010?

Stuart Broad: Very much so yes, it's an exciting project to be involved in. I've had a cheeky play of the game before its release and it's good fun, obviously playing as myself, I think I've got more skills in the game than I have in real life.

The graphics are fantastic in the game; the detail in the stadium, the players and the kits is brilliant. One recommendation, if you're playing against your mate and you've played it and he hasn't, get him on a fifth-day turning wicket and bowl spin at them because turning is unbelievable in that game.

Did you do any kind of input into the making of the game or did you come in at a later stage?

No, it's certainly not my field to help with the actual development, but I played the last one and certainly there is an improvement in this game and as I say, the gameplay is really realistic and it's a pretty highly skilled game, you have to be on your toes. A great addition to the game is you can play a one-day international but it's a five-over game so you can play a game within fifteen or twenty minutes with your mate and it has everything. That's the game I really enjoyed playing, it tests you out.

Are you much of a gamer yourself away from cricket?

Yeah, I take my PlayStation 3 on tour. The lads like getting together with four controllers and play games when there's not a huge amount of else to do. On tour I try and experience as much as I can out of the hotels, playing golf and seeing the country but are some times there are some times where we are on hotel lockdown and we're not allowed to leave so it's certainly good for that, I really enjoy my gaming.

So what's your favourite game, what do the England boys play on tour?


I take them all, we do play cricket and I do like my FIFA but I'm very excited for the new F1 game that Codemasters are bringing out, it's coming out in September I think, I'm a big F1 fan and I've always enjoyed the motor-racing games so I'm excited about that and waiting for its arrival for the Ashes tour.

You're a World Cup winner and an Ashes winner all at the tender age of 23, do you have to pinch yourself sometimes?

It's been an incredible year. Winning the Ashes was obviously a fantastic experience; it took a lot of hard work over six or seven weeks and the whole country was behind us, but it was a really good feeling.

I think we were the underdogs for the 20/20 world cup, I don't think anyone thought we would go and play the way we did and not only win it but the way we won it; we really beat teams strongly and played fantastically.

I actually saw a quote I said this time last year where I said I would never be happy in my career unless I, and the team could win an Ashes series in the World Cup or something, and managed to do it within a year. I guess I need to try and reset my goals.

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