MS 'not worried' about Kinect name change

Natal name awareness was low anyway, says Greenberg

Microsoft isn't worried about changing Project Natal's name to Kinect, because public awareness of the 360 camera's codename wasn't high to begin with.

That's according to Xbox director of product management, Aaron Greenberg, who said this morning that if the name change does end up confusing the public Microsoft will simply blitz the streets with 'Kinect' advertising.

"What's interesting is that despite everything we've done for Natal -- and people are very excited about it -- the actual awareness around the name is not as high as you would think," he told IGN.

"I think the right time is now. One, we love the name, so that helps. Two, people will realize it makes sense...It fits. Then three, a lot of people that are going to be watching and learning about this for the first time ever, they're going to learn about the new name."

Microsoft announced Project Natal's new name at a massive Cirque-du-Soleil circus event this morning. Greenberg said the stellar launch event was in the hope of grabbing a broader audience's attention.

"That's our belief," said Greenberg, "that [Kinect] has this universal appeal and it's not just this thing for current owners. It delivers all new experiences for us, but it also enables non-gamers, it enables people that never thought of gaming as a way to interest them.

"We're obviously going to have a massive marketing and advertising campaign to make sure the name and everything gets out there. Frankly, the world premiere Cirque-du-Soleil event is a big part of that."