Donkey Kong getting Wii 'revamp' - Source

Metroid Prime developer working on DK's return, claims report

Donkey Kong is set to appear in a Wii 'revamp', a report claims - and Metroid Prime developer, Retro Studios is at the helm.

IGN reports that the Prime studio could unveil the game at Nintendo's E3 press conference tomorrow afternoon.

Last year Retro promised that Nintendo fans will "be very excited" about what they're working on next. If it's Donkey Kong, they're dead right.

Donkey Kong's last game on a Nintendo platform was the DSiWare game Mario Vs Donkey Kong: Minis March Again, and prior to that he appeared in Donkey Kong Jet Race.

In short, old DK hasn't starred in a proper adventure game since Donkey Kong 64 was released for N64 in 1999.

We'll find out if this rumour is true at Nintendo's E3 conference which takes place at 5pm GMT tomorrow. Stay here for all the news.