Brotherhood is Assassin's Creed 3 'in scope'

But numbered sequels need new setting and era, says designer

Brotherhood is Assassin's Creed 3 "in scope", Ubisoft Montreal designer Patrick Plourde has said.

Speaking to CVG in a just-published Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood interview, the designer said numbered Assassin's sequels require a new setting and era.

He said: "In terms of scope, yes it is Assassin's Creed 3, in terms of a brand we want to keep the numbers for when there is a new protagonist and a new era. It's more consistent.

"So you have Assassin's Creed in the crusades, Assassin's Creed 2 which is in the renaissance... let's say that we go onto the moon for Assassin's Creed Astronaut; that is going to be Assassin's Creed 3 - I don't want to spoil anything."

He added: "The historical setting is so important in the franchise."

Ubisoft put out a brand new Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood trailer (and a release date) earlier today. We're excited.