MS: We've fixed Red Ring problem

Reliability issue "has pretty much gone away"

Microsoft has claimed that the creation of its all-new 250GB Xbox 360 is the final step in its solving of the console's biggest problem: The Red Ring Of Death.

Speaking to CVG exclusively at E3 in Los Angeles today, Director of Global Marketing for Xbox 360 Albert Pernello said that the Red Ring problem had "pretty much gone away".

The very sleek new 250GB Xbox 360 was announced at E3 this morning by Microsoft top dog Don Mattrick - in a conference that was focused on the firm's new 'Kinect' camera device.

It houses one fan - which Microsoft claims makes it a quieter machine than existing SKUs, which contain two.

"When you say [Red Ring] is an old problem, you've got to go really old. It's unfortunate, and I'm not trying to dismiss it. It hurts me personally when that happens. But it hasn't really happened for a while. The stuff we're seeing is only really happening to people with launch consoles.

"If you have a console from the last two or three years, that problem has pretty much gone away.

"The only thing that bums me out is that there are 40 million of them out there, and someone's going to get [a red ring] and it almost gets magnified. The hard part is it gets magnified versus the reality.

"We wanted to make sure that this [250GB Xbox 360] is rock steady, rock solid."